Friday, October 26, 2007


I think not, but theres a potential there might be 3 in one day. Could be an alltime record. I can't claim to have found this gem on my own. I got it from Stacie's friend's blog.

But I get all those same feelings she speaks of. To me Bono is amazingly spiritual. And to be that girl.....HOLY SHIT....not just because he's Bono, but because of the feeling you get when that song is sung. Sometimes I like to take lyrics out of context, such as "And you give your self away.....and you give and you give, and you give yourself away...." there are times I am so passionate about stuff, or doing what's right, or researching stuff so you know every angle, I often feel like I give myself away. Or I've sacraficed other things in my life to make sure this one aspect is right. Make sense at all. There are other times I feel like I want to feel passionate about too much and then I'm just passionate about nothing and want to go to sleep for a week, in hopes that when I wake up life won't be so damn complicated. Ok that was nice and deep....stay tuned for that crazy Tag I gotta hook up.


Stacie said...
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Stacie said...

Gah - I didn't delete it!

All I originally said is that my friend, Betsy, also happens to be the pastor of Art & Liturgy at Cedar Ridge - the church where Brian used to be the pastor and where Matthew Dyer is now the pastor. Yay, Vineyard/Cedar Ridge connection.

Betsy posted a great quote about this video on her blog, a few posts after she posted the actual video. Her follow up post was called "Never."