Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crazy Over-Halloweened

I do believe this is the first year I've had extra Halloween activities before the actual Trick or Treat event. There may have been the occasional Halloween party back in the day, but this has been a first since I've had a kid. Which has been 10 years now......can you believe it's been 10 years? We had the Halloween camping at Hueston Woods, which was a total blast, I'd recommend to anyone who doesn't mind camping when it's slightly cold out....not freezing like the next time we camp....don't remind me......do remind me to smack whoever planned that event. Halloween camping was fairly comfortable with our tent heater we used the first night, it worked quite well. Then we had Spookeree last weekend at Cub World. We took Maddie who'd like to be a "Cub" but she's girl so she only gets to pretend occasionally. There was games, a hayride, and a Haunted Castle. Maddie is down with scary stuff, Perry is not, but since Maddie's a girl I think Perry felt the need to be the protector and he braved the Haunted Castle and not advertised scary hayride.....he was a trooper, and wasn't scared at all. Then they were suppose to dress up for the den meeting tonight but P decided to go as a cub scout, besides I could imagine putting on the costume he wore at the other 2 functions, will wear tomorrow night and not to mention he wore last year. Peter from Narnia is now TIRED......he'll fit in the dang thing till he's 16, but I promise you he won't wear it again. Is it wrong that I have uncarved Pumpkins on my porch, it's 11:30 pm, I could totally carve them now. Perry would only draw the face anyways......do I want to mess with the goo right now? It'll give Ron something to be amused about.....pumpkin carving happening.....right now....bet!

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