Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What the?

I know, I know it's way late. But holy crap have you seen Wendi's new stamps??? How do these people create such cool stuff? Do they think we are rich? I want all of them but lets be realistic, I'd have to not buy groceries or something. These talented folks out there making this super cool rubber.....stop give a girl a break would ya!


Stacie said...

Been there. Seen them. Bought them. Thanks so much, you enabler.

Melinda said...

I'm with Stacie! I have developed a love-hate relationship with your blog, Jodi, b/c I've found WAY too many cool things to look at, salivate over & eventually buy.

Now with the whole Vegas trip on the line...I may have to break my self-imposed ban on on-line shopping.

Connie P. said...

Ummm...just got my first Wendi order today. Bought three of them. They are awesome.

Yes, you may borrow them, if you are nice and do not post anymore photos of me looking like some whino on your blog.