Monday, June 13, 2005

God Knows.....

Ever feel overwhelmed with responsibility? Me....right now! And it's not really anything huge, just feel like it's all me. Adult BS, I guess. Not even PMSing or anything, just overwhelmed with life in general I think. Feel like theres not enough time to do the things I enjoy, like hanging out with my friends, being a small group leader, playing with my kid, doing artwork, spending time with my husband, ect.....sure theres enough time to do maybe 1 or 2 of those but not all of them. And then add in the stuff you'd also like to be doing such as mission work, reading more, more church stuff, going on trips, volunteer for cubscout stuff, volunteer for school stuff......not enough time. I've not been a small group leader for like 2 years now, and I've missed the connection with people alot. Sure I still connect upon occasion but it's more unplanned, and spuratic. So past couple weeks I've felt a bit out of touch, just a little empty. I skipped church last week, which had a lot to do with it. So went this sunday, it was like God was there waiting for me, as if he knew exactly what I needed. I am not a touchy feely type person, I will gladly take a hug if you come at me with it, but I am in no way shape or form a hug initiator. Just to clear that up, incase there were some questions. But first person I see as soon as I get out of my car, is my former small group co-leader and her cute little family. She's just one of those people, who you know is completely genuine. When she says "I've been thinking about you", you know she really has, and she's genuinely happy to see you. Love that! She doesn't even have to say she's been thinking about you, you can tell when she looks at you. Not a lot of people like that in the world if you know someone like that appreciate them. So then the message......wasn't even an in your face type message it was just what I needed. Full version here. Here are the points, it was on the story of the women at the well John 4:7-30

God knows we're outsiders
God knows we don't know who he is.
God knows what we could be.
God knows all our failures.
God knows our religion is never enough
God knows we'll be inviters when we know him.

"I read in a periodical the other day that the fundamental thing is how we think of God. By God Himself, it is not. How God thinks of us is not only more important, but infinitely more important." ~ CS Lewis

Sometimes we just need someone to be there and desire nothing in return.

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Stacie said...

Jodi, your thoughts sound slightly familiar (get out of my head!)

The one line from your post that stood out to me was "God knows we don't know who He is". And yet He loves us anyway, knowing our puny humanity can never ever fully understand or appreciate Him for all He truly is as GOD. Amazing to me.