Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mail Love!

Heres some mail art. I sent it to a complete stranger. Hopefully I'll make some new pen pals, haven't had a pen pal in years. The internet has taken away the joy of letter writing, and now with my discovery of mail art theres no stopping me. Before e-mail, I'd write letters all the time. And received quite a few as well. That's your official assignment, if you are reading this, send somebody some mail love! Mail Art has been so much fun. I've only got 2 peices of mail but they were both fun and from another state. I sent out 9 pieces of love in the past 2 days. Fun Fun Fun! Posted by Hello


Melinda said...

I sent my dad some "mail love" the other day. A combo b-day/Father's Day card all in one.

I made all my Mother's Day cards this year w/handprints of the girlies.

Plan to include cute photos and fancy paper on the dads' cards this year.

So glad you posted this! I'd been patiently waiting to see some more of your art! Looks fantastic! And, I agree with you, I LOVE snail mail writing.

Stacie said...

Jodi, your best friend Heidi is going to love that :-) GORGEOUS!!

MarilynH said...

Your creation is wonderful!! I just love the whole thing.
How do you know who to send it to? I haven't tried mail art. sigh, so many things, so little time. :)

wendi speciale said...

OHMYGOSH! Beautiful work!!!

I have that "face" stamp and totally LOVE IT! You have inspired me to use it!

Also, what an awesome thing to send out! You are truly a gifted artist that will totally make someones day with that masterpiece:)