Monday, June 27, 2005

Am I ready for this?

Ok daycamp was just practice tomorrow morning we leave for the real deal. Posted by Hello
4 days away from home camping in a Fort! He's practiced getting dressed on his own without being reminded 100 times. He's practiced bathing himself, trying not to have to remind him to wash all of his hair. I got him special chocolate shampoo, to make hair washing fun. He's had a million questions.

Perry: "Mommy will you be there with me?"
Mommy: "Yes honey I'll be at camp, I may not be right beside you the whole time, but I won't be far away."
Perry: "Mommy, will you be sleeping in the same room as me?"
Mommy: "No, honey Mommy's can't sleep in the same room as the kids, but I'll be one room away."
Perry: "Mommy, what if I have to poop, can I take my gameboy"
"I'll take a magazine."
Mommy: "ok, make sure it's one of my magazines"
Mommy: "Do you think they'll mind if I smuggle in my IPOD?"
~I'm willing to take that chance.....LOL

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ter if. said...

Have a FABULOUS time Jodi...I really meant to send a care package...I really really did, way back when you emailed the sorry I didn't. Please have a blessed time...what a special trip! I'm thinking of you this week. Can't WAIT to hear the stories!!! it a SCRAPPIN magazine??? :)