Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tight Security?

It's because of crazy people like these that I have to show up at least 30 minutes early to work for the next month. Why you might ask? Because I have to park off site so the customers can take up all the parking spots and then some. Apparently some customers will also be parking offsite with us and taking the same shuttle. Which therefor means not trash talking on the shuttle. These are the folks who show'd up today because they could, and camp out 2 days before the store actually opens. I took the photo from afar because I was a tiny bit scared they'd wrestle me down and take my badge. I have to say they are being treated nicely since they now have 4 heaters out there to keep them warm. Even though the rules said "no heating devices or fires of any kind." That's ok we'll provide them for you. Oh and let me show you a crazy shot of a few of my co-workers hanging at a local bar after work where trash talk is permitted and a lot of it goes down. Left to right you have Kristi...newbie....fitting in wonderfully. Matt, likes to party, nuff said. And Amy, my new homey....whose nickname is Trixie (for a reason)...ha ha..super sweet, one of those people who is aware that I'm not down with hugs but gives them to me anyways. That's a horrible picture of her she'll kill me. So I'll throw up
another one. This one is from the all store party.

The all store party was off the hook. Ikea folks know how to get their party on that's for sure. Oh and big ginormous bummer, Friends and Family day was snow'd out. Ikea was going to let the show go on and the Police shut them down, something about a level 3 snow emergency. I was ready to go snow and all. Oh well, we'll get to practice out customer service skills on the general public now. Yikes!
So don't try and go to Ikea, before Wednesday unless you intend to camp out the security is tight. This is the same security who strolled the store the whole time we were building. While Amy and I were building in the front of the store a few random folks walked in asking how to get a job....um where was security then? Happy shopping people and don't harm anyone on Grand Opening....

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