Saturday, March 22, 2008


I hate being sick. Yesterday was my day off, I took P to IKEA since he was dying the check out Smaland, and the store. "IKEA is the coolest place ever..." According to the P-man. He apparently didn't notice the 10 min wait to check out, the parking natzi's that instruct you to park 8 miles away even though there are closer spots. The ginormous line for Cinamon Rolls....which made it impossible for me to get one and I wanted one and then the 8 mile walk back to the it was my day off!!! So then we went and saw Horton which I heard was quite good but because of the sickness, and the potential fever I was running I slept through much of it. Upon arriving home I slept for many hours running a low grade fever, with the chills. I forced myself up to finish making 11 Easter cards for my co-workers...cause I'm crazy like that. My fellow work was most appreciated. Although now the fever is gone and I have no voice...try talking on the phone to people with damaged furniture with no voice...."IKEA'S after sales phone sex line, what's damaged..." Ha...I didn't call anyone today. Did as much as I could without calling. Hopefully I have a voice tomorrow.

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Stacie said...

Uh... you saw us... which makes your day pretty damn spankin great, eh? :) But I'm a little worried that you were sick because I spent that hour or so tooling around Ikea with you!

(I feel fine. Sean's been sick. Weirdness.)

Oh. And another two-page layout done, with duplicate completed also. I kick ass.