Friday, November 16, 2007

A Piece of My Childhood

Joe Nuxhall died last night. I had heard he was in the hospital but he's had some health issues the past couple years and he's always bounced back. This time not so lucky. They put a wreath and a tent around his statue at the stadium. They turned off all the lights at the stadium except the broadcasters booth. And the sign says "Heading for Home........" I spent the younger years of my childhood laying in bed with my grandma listening to the reds games. Marty and Joe were the voice of the Reds to me. When he stopped announcing, I knew his voice anywhere when he'd do commercials or be on the radio for some reason or another. He's a local icon for all his charity work....and he will be missed!

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Stacie said...

Holy crap. I'm a wreck. listening to Marty and Joe was as regular as eating and sleeping in my family growing up. My grandpa has been been gone nine years and I swear tonight I felt like I lost a little bit of him all over again.

My brother has apparently been crying all day at work (as were most of the people there), my mom and sister drove by Jungle Jim's while running errands today and she said they nearly lost it because they're playing old video on the big screen. I'm just glad it's not baseball season or it would be unbearable altogether.

I need a drink :)