Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cold Ass Camping

Just a word of advice it's too damn cold to camp in November. I mean it wasn't too horrible, since we were in the castle at cub world we weren't in a tent so that cut down on some of the fridged cold. The camping trip was fairly disorganized which WAS NOT my fault....just annoyed the crap out of me. Things could be better organized if people would communicate. I often desire to fix things but have enough on my plate and feel if someone says they are going to plan something and commit to it, if they need help they'd ask. Not always the case....but what can you do except complain about it and whatever you are in charge of commit to being organized. Nuff said.

4th Grade is hard work. Projects start in the 4th grade the teachers are awesome about telling you ahead of time so you can pace yourself which is what we've done so far thank goodness, because when you got a kid who is ADD procrastinating is not a good idea, although normally it is in my nature. I am benefitting from stretching the project out over several nights. Last night we completed the Cereal Box book report, even though daddy did not finish the Honeycombs. Now we are working on a poster about Colonial Soldiers Uniforms. Does anyone know how difficult it is to find info about the stupid uniforms, it's not as easy as a google search. I gave up and instructed the husband to help. Odd he had a military history book he was holding out on us with. He hunted down the definitions of each piece. Geez....gone are the days of Worldbook Encyclopedias. I am thinking baking a loaf of colonial bread would have been easier.
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