Friday, November 16, 2007

Annoyed and Frustrated?

Why you might ask? I am not green by any means. But I feel good because I provide organic milk to my family, and figure because the government regulates such things well it's safe to assume when they say USDA organic , they ain't lying to you. Bastards! I enjoy going to the Costco and getting the 3 1/2 gallons for 7.50, yes it does cost a bit more but if it cuts down on the growth hormones entering my body and delays my son going into puberty at age 10 well then it's better for you. Except now I find out those bastards are big fat liars. I've investigated in all possible angles and if anyone can see otherwise let me know. Check this out....prepare yourself if you are green cause you ain't gonna be happy. Oh and go here and you'll find what milk truely is organic. You might have to travel to Vermont to get it. This world is a twisted screwed up place. It could be a million times worse I know this, but when they have procedures in place to check up on these things you just trust that folks ain't lying and they're doing your job. Geez....guess I need to buy me a cow and some chickens.....damn....haven't even checked on the eggs yet.....


Layni said...

Disturbing & confusing stuff, you're right. A couple were close-ish; PA or IN. I'm gonna contact them to see if their products are sold locally. I'll let you know. At least the milk we're using made the list. Now to get it moved higher on the COW RATING rung.

Melinda said...

The Organic Valley milk is sold in Ohio (at Dorothy Lane Market for sure) and they rate 4 cows (

I'm sure plenty of these places supply milk to Ohio and they may even do it under varying names as many of them are suppliers. Will just take some running down, probably, to be sure whatever you're using is okay.

I decided awhile ago to buy our fresh stuff (produce, dairy & meat) at DLM. They provide a lot of information about where their food actually comes from.

As far as eggs go, you might be able to find a farmer's market or a local chicken person (with only a handful of hens) if your store doesn't carry decent ones. I was surprised to find out our local greenhouse/nursery where I buy bedding plants sells eggs as well.

Good luck on your search!

Anonymous said...

even if it was organic it's no good if it's pasturized.

hey man. you can get raw milk from my amish farmer. it's only 7-somthing a gallon.

then you'll find out we shouldn't drink anything that's been in plastic, so you'll pay $10/gallon.

that is if it's not illegal in your state. it is in most states, so be prepared to buy a share of the cow.


Anonymous said...

ps, if you do want to go raw and grassfed, i may have found a source from whom i can get a decent price.