Sunday, November 25, 2007

Got Milk?

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After 2 weeks of being off the organic milk Perry emerged from the basement with this??? Gasp. We knew something would happen but we had no idea of the severity. Thankfully he's still pretty young and shouldn't have any problem learning to walk with one alien foot and one regular foot. The problems going to be find shoes. He may be able to get by with one larger croc. Thanksgiving

The turkey turned our nice. Tasted yummy, was afraid with it only being 12 lbs we wouldn't have much left over. We has just the right about that we won't waste any. We have enough for one more sandwich and it's gone. Which I'm glad cause I've had my fill! 2 things that are very important to my thanksgiving. Cool whip for the pumpkin pie, (or in this case pumpkin crunch), and the Thanksgiving Enquirer so I can check out all the sales ads, and see the Turkeys. So Ron had to go to the grocery for some chicken broth, so I made sure newspaper was on his list, written very large so he wouldn't forget.......he forgot and I forgot to put cool whip on his list. So I called my dad and asked him to pick one up on his way over. Poor old man stopped at 8 different places, no's a conspiracy. So called my mom, made sure she was aware her exhusband stopped at 8 places in search of. She stopped at 4, all no papers. CRAZY! So reluctantly I enjoyed my meal, only to continue to comment how empty I felt without the paper and no cool whip. No one else seemed to mind....except me.


After all the guests left. And I was feeling a bit bloated Layni called to see how things went. She decided to experiment on her turkey to see if she could make the white meat juicier. She cooked it breast side down. Didn't make a difference still somewhat dry. I complained to her about no paper, and no cool whip. And feeling we still had a little bit of life left in us, she says....."wanna go find a paper. " Not sure she was serious....I replay what she said in my head. It was 10 pm, I had been on my feet all day slaving over a hot stove, so had she. But I didn't get to see the turkeys. Or the colorful ads that make me happy. So I said sure come and get me. And she did. So begins the adventure. She asked me where we should head first? I said Lindenwald (no offense) because not many read there. As we are heading toward Lindenwald (part of Hamilton that's somewhat a low income sort of way to describe it.) Layni calls her mom to see if she got the paper. She said she had, and it was "out there in the garbage" which we assumed out there would mean out in the kitchen??? Nope, out there in the garbage can at the curb!!!! What the??? That didn't stop us from picking through her trash, she informed us it was in the heavier bag that contained only paper. Layni dug out a grocery bag of paper, but that wasn't it, she then informed us today's paper was loose in there. turn. As I am going elbow deep into the trash bag, I ask...."there is only newspaper in here right?" she says in a wee wee small voice, "well that and my dirty tissues...." but it was too late I had already touched one and it was not dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to which I quickly picked up the bag and through it back in the can...and said, "seriously, we'll find one thanks anyways!!!" Sadly I had no anti-bacteria on hand, so it had to wait until the end of the adventure. We headed to the Circle K. Where we were greeted to men in a pimped out hoopty painted with a nice shade of primer, who hollered sweet nothings to Layni as she emerged from her car. We are too damn old for this.....but it is what we do best! She exited circle K victoriously with paper in hand. We headed to her house for some wine and time to peruse the ads and come up with a game plan for the next day.


It's not every year we part-take in this strange American tradition, but this year we were up for the challenge. Even though we went to bed well after 1 am. We vowed to each other we'd get up at the crack of dawn. To go shopping and score some deals. Not to mention check out the lunatics who do this nonsense year after year. This year....we had kids in tow. With the promise of breakfast out, Maddie and Perry were both game and didn't mind we snagged them from their slumber at 5am. We made it to K-mart a little after 6am, scored some much much much needed LEGO.....for a low low price. Layni was in charge of distracting children. It was shopping madness. Our last stop was Target. We were shocked that it didn't appear to be as crowded or busy. Except after we were in there about 30 min it was as though the running of the bulls had been released. We were in the DVD area and you literally couldn't go anywhere, there was so many people. Maddie and Perry just sat down in the isle and read books. As we were checking out and leaving there were people waiting around for carts. We were home and back to bed by 10am......I'm thinking next year we're taking black Friday's exhausting. Be sure to check back tomorrow or later this week. Saw lots of movies this weekend. All on DVD so I'll give a review. I'm sure you all can't wait!


Anonymous said...

I can just see the two of you rummaging through BC's trash he he!!

You should have called, I could have hooked you up with no kleenex's!!


Layni said...

Good times [minus the Kleenex part]. I say next year we go, but just formulate a plan to hit all the stores for their super low, low price incentive items! Like the Foreman grill for $12 here, a shop vac for $19 there. Then decide who get's 'em as gifts. LoL! That could be a fun challenge!

hoop said...

Thanks for the "low income" description of Lindenwald. I had no idea I was living in the ghetto. I checked with a few of my neighbors and was pleasantly informed that they can not only read but they also comprehend.