Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who Turned off The Lights???

Mother Nature that's who! It's safe to say 48 hours is way too damn long to be without power. My hair can officially not be pretty without a blow dryer. Preferably I need a blow dryer and a flat iron but can make due with just the blow dryer. For those 48 hours I had neither. The good news is IKEA was kind enough to hook us up with official IKEA west chester hats a few weeks ago so I was able to hide away the fly away nonsense that is my hair if left to air dry.

So Sunday afternoon, Ron was out of town participating in Woodbadge, don't ask people you would not even begin to understand. Lets just say the man is in leadership heaven, and it's good he's found his niche in life. So while he's camping out with other woodbadgers (it's an actual name trust me on this one) P and I are enjoying lunch after church at Steak and Shake. It was slightly more windy than usual but nothing crazy yet. We had to Costco to purchase large quantities of frozen veggies, and our must have gallon and a half of organic milk. We inevitably ended up with other things that we had to have. We head to the car to fill the trunk with our buy in bulk goodness, as I step my foot into the parking lot, not only is it much more windy than usual it is pick you body up off the ground windy....what the heck is going on? Clearly it's the end of the world. Perry freaked the heck out by the wind that was trying to blow him away gets in the car with the quickness, as I am attempting to get the crap in the trunk, as I am putting the stuff int he truck closes on in half my body was inside the anyone get this on tape? Kid completely oblivious to the fact that the person who gave him life has just been crushed by the trunk.....not to worry I got it off me, thank God I'm meatier than your average middle aged women. And proceeded with the task at hand, getting the crap in the trunk and me in the car before I lost my lovely life. I get in only to witness a girl (teenager with mother) who had a plastic bag of something possibly bell peppers, she was holding tight to the plastic bag and within seconds whatever was in it blew directly out of the bag and vanished...gone...she still had the bag, whatever was in it was now gone!

We had no trouble getting home but when we got there, it was a sea of distruction. I had to clear the driveway of ginormous tree limbs to get in the driveway. And when we got inside there was no power.....keep in mind I have a trunk full of frozen bulk happiness. We suffered through with no power for 24 hours heading into day 2 we took our food to moms who still had power. We didn't lose much. She cooked anything that appeared to be thawed, so it was all good and we have a ton of leftovers for our lunches the next few days. The goodness is that during BLACKOUT CINCINNATI 2008, IKEA remained open even though we were on partial power provided by a generator. So even if you couldn't watch TV at your home you could go to IKEA and buy a sofa. And they made some pretty decent sales with no power. And I got a lot of work done since I was hidden away at a different desk since my computer wasn't working and no one could find me. Woohoo to now power it was fun, but I'm glad to be back to business as usual.


Michelle said...

86 hours but whose counting

Stacie said...

Holy crap. 86 hours... I'm so sorry for you and I don't even know you!

Perry getting in the car "with the quickness" made me spit water on myself. And I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you free yourself from the trunk... or capture on video you trying to free yourself from the trunk.

We went from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday morning. There is a kid in Sean's class still without power as of 8:00 tonight. Sucks.

Julie said...

What a hilarious post! Wish I could have seen the madness of you and perry trying to get in the car. We scrambled to save about 12 boxes of cookie dough - it was a fundraiser and we couldn't deliver it to folks because they didn't have a place to store it! Oh, and we were out 7 days - yup Sunday to Sunday.

Ed - Tents said...

Looks wonderful. Great reading your post as well. Thanks