Saturday, September 06, 2008

My life is Crazy

Plain and simple. It's the beginning of the school year. IKEA is coming out of the tail end of their busy season, my first to experience this and seriously people it was CRAZY. I was all over the place for the nonsense, but it was a good organized (somewhat) crazy. Our job has suffered since we were helping with the madness we couldn't address the madness that was going on behind the scenes, as in crazy angry people ringing our phones off the hook and we weren't there because we were dealing with in your face kind of craziness. So now we are dealing with the aftermath of lunatics who've been waiting for hardware for 2 weeks, it's all good people we'll get you your screws! So since I am unable to articulate an intelligent sentence and I am gearing up to recruit some Cub Scouts (go me)hopefully all of which will have super parents who are ready to carry a pack for 4 years, cause this white girls flying the coup in February....don't even ask me to stay, I'm out!....ok so the articulate an intelligent sentence part, yeah that ain't happening. So what I have for you is this......

I have to give Ron credit for finding these boys but all of their songs are awesome!

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