Friday, September 12, 2008


The previous blog, that was only a glimpse of things to come. Dooce, always says not to talk about work on your blog, however it's completely unavoidable since PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!

Raise your hand if you know where I work.....ok most....
Raise your hand if you know YOU GOTTA BUILD THAT SHIT.....yep all of you.
Someone neglected to tell the women who ended up on my phone on Tuesday evening. Somehow, no offense people, she thought because she was in a wheel chair her furniture once she set it up for home delivery, those flatpacked boxes would arrive at her home, as built pieces of furniture. WHAT? As in she was holding the delivery guy hostage at her house because he brought her boxes of flatpacked furniture as she requested. As in dude was unable to leave because she was yelling at him and me (I was on the phone).

Couple helpful tips. If you require a wheel chair, I'd suggest not coming to my place of employment unless you are going in to buy a skillet and then leave. Or if you have a willing servant to push you around the entire time. Don't come if you think that, the couch you see in the showroom will arrive at your home looking just like that, cause it doesn't. You gotta put that shit together. As in put the legs on, and put the cover on. It's called, You do a little, we do a little and together we save alot. If you want assembled furniture to arrive at your house, go to value city and be in debt for the rest of your life. PSA......ends here....don't make me bring it up again!


Michelle said...

stories you won't even believe

Stacie said...

Raise your hand if you know YOU GOTTA BUILD THAT SHIT.....yep all of you.

Obviously she didn't a friend who had been to multiple Ikeas and harbored an irrational love for all things blue and yellow and flat-packed and who was excited beyond belief to hear they were building an Ikea within 15 minutes of her house and who is secretly convinced that my mom is right and that they only built that Ikea because I moved away from my old one (wait... did I say "my" mom? 'Cause I wasn't being specific or anything...)

P.S. I have a flat-pack of bookcase-y goodnesss laying in my living room just waiting for me to lay the allen wrench smack-down up on it.