Thursday, August 21, 2008

MIA sorry....

Ok I am sure in the history of this blog, August hits and all hell breaks loose. On top of the madness that is August, I now have a job that is busier in August than a Christmas time. True story. The new Catalogue....."drops" August, and all the sudden folks are like.....IKEA, a fun place to take 1000 of your friends and shop all on the same day. So not only is it crazy busy, at random times, like at 3pm on a Tuesday or something, but theres a whole lot of crap wrong with stuff people buy, I am sure it's not anything unusual considering the volumes of crap they are selling our case load isn't that outrageous it's just folks in my department are way too accessable and highly trained in all areas so we are pulled to do anything and everything in all areas of the store. Therefor we end up not tending to angry customers with busted up furniture which makes them more angry and that's when it's so so so much more fun for everyone involved.

Oh, but wait theres starts in a week, so wheres the dang bus card thing? I requested special transportation so P doesn't have to ride the bus with thugs that are 3 times his size. And he's not on a bus that makes several stops at other schools before it arrives where he's suppose to get off. I can just see him in that instance ending up at the high school or something........ Hopefully they don't mess that up.....Oh but wait theres more. Cub Scouts...oh cub scouts gotta love some cub scouts, crazy non-volunteering cub scouts.....God bless the folks who do volunteer, but good heavens we are tired and burned out and need some folks to help out so if that's you, help a sister out would ya! So with all that going down at once how about we not think about it and just renew out love for Jars of Clay, shall we?

Discover Jars of Clay!

Yes before there was Switchfoot love there was Jars of Clay love. Sorry to say, I just might like Jars of Clay more, they have a sweeter more worshipful sound. However, Switchfoot is definately hotter.....and those boys know how to rock out at a concert.

Ok ok, calm down people I'll represent for both. Geez, how's Deezer not going to have switchfoot? Haters!

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