Saturday, August 09, 2008

Best Day Ever.....

If you have been reading my blog for some time now, you pretty much know that Stampaway is the highlight of my summer! Love it! I may never use the stamps I purchase, but the smell of rubber, and the possibilities it all brings, just brings me great joy! I always come away inspired and ready to conquire a multitude of art project that all involve, ink, rubber, paint, embossing powder, and the possibility of catching something on fire. I always haul in my lute spread it out, sniff the new rubber that now needs to be mounted and catalogued, and then begin to make plans for my stuff! Heres to hoping that this year I actually do great things with my l lute and not find it in the same bag it came in just before stampaway next year.

You will see in the picture above my lute from this year. I didn't buy as much rubber as I usually do, as you can see the only random rubber pieces are on the left and then the sheet on the right....which are cute little christmas stick people called inklings.....oh I got big holiday plans for those little guys. In the center you will notice some chick tracts, this was a total impulse buy, I already have a collection of these from when I was in high school. I knew exactly where that collection was, but the fact that they were being sold at a rubber stamp convention in an assortment pack made me need to buy them, and in the event I had duplicates I could use them in some sort of altered artwork, possibly mail art. (yep I had them all....) These tracts now crack me up, they always have a "turn or burn" message, which I'm sure is what some folks need, but I think the majority of folks want to feel loved, and not be told they might burn in a firey pit called HELL! Oh.....sorry read one too many from my collection......Oh and yes that is a stripedy sock monkey purchased at Carmens Veranda, along with the plastic screaming squeeze her and she screams REALLY LOUDLY....I'm taking her to work when someone calls and is freaking out about their furniture that is likely made out of sawdust, cardboard and glue. Ok, Ok, Ok what is the recipe for BEST DAY EVER?

Awaken at aproximately 7am

Depart home alone with approximately 50 premade ATC's, a small amount of cash with the Visa back up.

Stop at Starbucks, Grande Cinamon Dolche please!

Recieve phone call from Julie, wondering if I was in line yet? Thank you need to wonder when I get there if Julie is here yet.

Find Julie...set down Latte.....begin half.....Connie arrives, I'm officially tired of ATC trading, why'd I make so many?

Finally we get in......we agree to head to the top floor first....good thing cause that's where all the good stuff was. We spent 3 hours on the top floor and nearly all of our money. Met up with Jennifer, Jana and'd and aaaah'd over the over abundance of Owl stamps....resisted the owls and went for some cute birdies instead.

After 3 hours on the top floor, and rubbing booties with way too many ladies with large butts, I wasn't sure I could do the bottom floor. Caught up with Stacie on our way all chatty....then headed to the bottom floor.

Ran through in record time....we were out of money and out of steam....and lets be real folks Connie's a nursing mother she was losing something else if you know what I mean!

Ran through the bottom floor in record time....again tired and hungry.

Julie went home to help the teenager get new jeans. Connie and I headed to Lu Lu's, and split a plate of noodles.....(heaven)....

I head home access the damage I did to my wallet, stayed well within my means.

Head to Kenwood Mall (why?). Didn't intend to buy anything just window shop.

Went to Dewey's for dinner.....MMMMMMMM.....favorite food round 2. Then came home.

What a fabulous day.

On a side note....I am not a big Reds fan, at all so how do I end up going to the game twice within a few weeks for free?? Because it's the only way I'd go that's why.....



Julie said...

It was a great day! I LOVE the little photo frames I found! Now, off to mount all my rubber stamps (I really hate that part) :-)

Stacie said...

Dude. I seriously cannot believe the stuff I bought... I bought glitter... GLITTER!! I've never bought glitter before. It's so pretty :)

Anyway, Stampaway rocked my Saturday. Never did see Jen Maguire's stuff. Would have liked to say, "Hi" to the old Hap's people!

Still working out what I want to send you next...

Heather said...

Sounds like a super fab day!! (We swam - in between rain drops ... it was a grand day as well!)

Jana said...

It really was fun, huh? And great to see you Jodi!

Connie Petertonjes said...

It was a great day, wasn't it? I totally needed the day away and I loved that I got to spend it with you and Julie and that I briefly got to see Stacie, because I was starting to doubt that she still lived 2 minutes away from me, since I haven't seen her in a year.

My stampaway purchases are still in their bags. You need to come over soon, bring your stampaway stuff and we can play.

Layni said...

Can I go next time?