Monday, August 25, 2008

Holy Crap it's 2am!!!

Why on earth am I still up and it's 2am? Well I'll tell ya, my child is in my bed and he now weighs 67 lbs. He was so much easier when he weighed only 52 lbs oh say 3 months ago. So I got sucked into the Facebook ebis, "oh look there friends with so and so, wonder what they're up to?" And then it spirals out of control.

Ok so Cub Scouts has officially started, someone remind me on a daily basis that it's for the kid, it's for the kid, it's for the kid. Right thanks for that. School is creeping up on us with Open house on Tuesday. Then officially starting on thursday, with an earlier start time........I HATE MORNINGS..........Art Class starts in a few weeks. Good news we're skipping basketball this year. Maybe we'll try tennis?? That's a one on one sport with no buzzer unless he goes pro, which by that time he could get over his buzzer issues. We'll see do 11 year olds play tennis?

Have I mentioned that so far Perry's been blessed with teachers who care enough to keep in touch and email me and tell me to keep in touch and let them know how Perry's doing......Future teachers have a lot to live up to. No pressure.
Ok I'll go to bed now.....after moving the large child in my bed, UGH!!!!

Oh I forgot to mention, POISON IVY IS STRAIGHT FROM HELL......

I have spent most of my 39 years running around in the woods. I was a girl scout. I am now what one would call a Scouter (cub scout volunteer) I have never in my life caught poison ivy, every. I know I've been in contact with in on more than one occasion, and never caught it. We camped last weekend, and the precious children we had with us Ben and Perry decided that burning poison ivy would be fun, dragging branches infested with poison ivy would also be fun, we all know what it looks like 3 leaves red stem, hello we're cub scouts. Although we were on a leasurely camping trip which apparently cub scouts rules do not apply one should throw caution to the wind, act crazy and not inspect what your children are throwing on the fire. Or what you yourself are breaking up and throwing on the fire Ben: "hey Jodi why is the inside of this branch red?" Knowledgeable grown up reading book (ME): "I don't know, that's wierd...." Get's tossed in the fire.

Here is what Perry looked like on Sunday after the camping trip, some redness on the nose, eye was slightly puffy. That was it.

Here is what my homeboy looked like the next day. (this was a week ago) Yeah we called the doctor immediately. He prescibed some steroids that cleared it up pretty quickly, along with lotion, and benedryl to make it stop itching.

Oh but wait it get's better. I was covered in what I thought was bug bites we all were. Then my bug bites began to multiply, and look wierd....bonus the mama has the poison as well. So investigated on Webmd. Poison Ivy may appear to be spreading, it does not spread off of it's own rash. You only can get it from direct contact with the plant oils. So if someone touches the plant then touches you soon there after. Or if you clothing touches it and the oils are on the clothes you can catch it that way. You can not catch it from the rash itself. (so quit looking at me like I got the plague.) I don't have it near as bad as Perry or Ben (his is all over his stomach....) I have a spot on my arm, some on my neck, and a few small spots on my other arm. So the bad news is it can take up to 15 days to show up????'s only been a week people. Good news is they can't call me to cover Smaland, parents dropping their kids off for free childcare, don't believe you when you say it can't be caught from the rash itself, so it's best to stay away!


Layni said...

That poor baby! He looks straight pitiful. Note: WASH EVERYTHING washable that you camped with. It stays on stuff.

Kathryn said...

I started Connor with tennis lessons this summer....he loves it. Check out Riverside Athletic club for a schedule.

Heather said...

SO glad that school's off to a good start!! That's always a BONUS!