Friday, August 08, 2008

A Great Day for Blogging

It is 8/8/08 so that's pretty stinkin cool. Heres why, 8 is my favorite number. Yep sure is, people go through their list of "what's you favorite?" When they get to number I say 8, always have. Not because the amount, not because of anything except for the way it looks. Apparently from what they say on the web, and you know anything that's on the web is's a lucky number.
One fat lady (or, eight on the gate)
So I snagged this sweet picture from Flickr, cause no good blogpost is complete without a picture. Just so you know if I read you blog and you go for more than a paragraph without a picture, um you lost me. Just saying. I call that too wordy. Keepin it real here folks! Ok 2 days off Ashton's here and we're gonna go kick it. How you might ask? By going to my work, (yeah the place that is my day off from) and picking up heavenly cookies for my BFF and her roadtrip. Oh and a storage device for P's stuffed toys. Wish me luck, and send up some words that the folks who got their catalogue have not made their way to the land of plenty of inexpensive furniture.


Cyndi said...

I've known you for 3+ years and I never knew your favorite number is 8. It MY favorite number. I called it first! And I have reasons to support it! My favorite Pirate baseball player was Willie Stargell #8. When I was 8, Donnie Osmond was "sweet 16" and I was going to marry him someday.

Heather said...

If I worked for IKEA, I'd still spend my day off at IKEA.