Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Why is it they can't get the organized side of parenting down? He did attempt to do homework with P tonight, I will give him that, but he is going to have more than 1 thing for homework. Besides it's all written down in his very bad 9 year old hand writing in his agenda. So I had to help finish up at 10 pm, when he's suppose to be in bed. UGH.....and I had to go search for a rock outside with a flashlight. Um we live in the suburbs not near a creek, and oddly enough even with a boy around theres no rocks in my yard. I had to look hard for a rock, but I found one.

So I now have one DTMT under my belt and it feels good. I feel accomplished and all the people at my Alpha table show'd up. Crazy how many folks have table where people don't show, or they'll leave at the break never to return. I've never had this happen....wait......last time around I did one week. But that was very strange circumstances. I love Alpha....good times!

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