Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Call

So we've answered The Call. Yes I said WE....crazy as it may sound. Now that Ron's on 1st shift suddenly he's a joiner. It'll be his first small group experience. He may even be forced to talk to strangers, as in people he just met and hasn't known for 10 years. So Dave has asked us to do 3 things for the next 6 weeks, 1. Go to church (got that), 2. Read a weekly devotional takes about 5 min, (I think I can spare that), 3. Join a small group. Thought this one was going to be tough for my introvert husband. But we went to the big group thing to find a group in our area, and it was fairly painless, seems it's a mix of ages, and we are actually the youngest. Which is different from the group I led for a number of years, I was the oldest. It'll be fun to be the youngins. So I've broken my rule, but it's for God so it's all good. Rule being only one night a week would be busy with running around. Now we are at 2 nights. Thursday nights is off limits, it's a good TV night so back off!


Heather said...

Thursday night! LOL! TOo funny!

Teresa said...

Thursday night TV rocks!