Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Grandparents day Geegaw!!!

Back in the day we loved to go TPing. I TP'd well into my 30's. It was like creating white beautiful art. We once did my mom's house in 24 rolls of TP, it was an amazing work of art! Geegaw was often a victim of our form of graffiti. Ecspecially once we were grown, and I know longer lived at home. Besides she always worked nights so she wasn't there to bust us. Now that I'm past 35, I strangely feel too old for TPing. Could be I don't really know anyone with big trees in their front yard. And many folks have big mean dogs or dogs in general who blow your cover. So now we go Flamingoing.......hee least we did last night. Geegaw lives in a palacial single wide. She's as proud as Gretchen Wilson to call herself trailer trash. No singlewide is complete without a set of Flamingo's. So while Perry and I distracted Geegaw in the house, Ron "Flamingo'd" her yard. Perry sort of blew our cover, he didn't want to wait till morning for her discover them.....she loves them. I personally think it would be better with about 6 more!

Prepare yourself blog fans, it's that time again when we start......DO TOO MUCH TUESDAYS.....Ron is now joining in on the madness, and taking over as cub scout parent, at least for 10 weeks while I lead Alpha. So hold on to your seats it's gonna get crazy round here! Posted by Picasa

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Teresa said...

You're never to old for TPing.