Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day in the Life 2014

You may recall me doing a day in the life post last year, here.  Well it's not been a full year later, but Ali was doing one on May 8th, which I fully intended to do one that day, and my friend Connie was going to join me, but as it turns out we both forgot.  Ha.  So the day I was suppose to document my life I took this photo, which is me enjoying a glass of water after my lunch break and reading a book on my ipad.
Then I was like hummmm.....since it's like 2pm and my day is almost over maybe I'll plan to document my life tomorrow which is what I did. The next day on May 9th.  Which was also a friday, just as last year in September was a friday.  So it'll be good to see a friday and compare it to a friday in 2013.  
As it turns out I do NOT get up this early usually on my day off. The man usually gets Perry up and off to school.  But he decided to go to work early that day so it was all up to me.  So 6:55 am was the horrible time I had to awake from my peaceful slumber.  This gives Perry 30 minutes to get up and eat breakfast and get on the bus by 7:25 ish......his bus driver likes to keep us on our toes, and arrives within a 10 minute period, this makes my husband crazy.  

 Time for some dirty eggs with bacon and sausage.  The man makes me bacon every morning.  Since we started clean eating this is pretty much a staple in our house bacon and eggs every morning.  Costco bacon.  The man doesn't make dirty eggs, so this is a treat when I make breakfast for the boy.  He loves the
m.  Dirty eggs is basically just eggs with the bits of bacon and sausage in them.

And off he goes on the big yellow school bus.  Only a few more years of that.  Unless he gets his license someday, which I'm in no big hurry for that.  Until he wants them I'm not going to push it.  
No day off is complete without a few loads of laundry.  
No day would be complete without a snapchat from baby chubs and her mama, who apparently were hot on this particular day.  

I don't usually solicite social media for wardrobe advice but this day I did.  I requested help with what shoes and there was an overwhelming response from 2 people to go with the poka dots.  
turned out perfect.  This shirt is super old but it's one of my favs.  And my purse my dad got me for my bday is super awesome pretty much all the time.  
I don't usually wear makeup everyday.  I've found as I get older, I wear it more often, to even out my wrinkles and skin tone.  I don't look awful without it just better with it.  I rarely wear glass's.  But my contact irritated my eye the day before so I was giving my eyes a rest and allowing them to breath.  The front door is the only full length mirror in our whole house.  Theres just not a good place for one, and the front door works just fine for such things.  
A drop off of things to Geegaw and a brief visit with Geegaw and Precious.  
Ran over to Butler Tech, to pick up Perry's artwork.  Where I was pretty much told it wasn't good enough to get into their program.  Not hey lets sit down and talk about this.  Or lets discuss other options that might work for Perry something other's not good enough.  No parent wants to hear that ecspecially when you know what they are capable of.  Just you wait, he'll do great things and you'll be like damn we missed our chance.  Perry bearly knew I was trying to get him into butler tech so he's not upset or anything, he's just assume I do as little as possible to disrupt his world.  
Almost every day off I spend sometime reading at Panera.  Not sure why I can't just read at home, I just enjoy the quiet of Panera.  If I'm not doing a bible study,  I'm usually reading a book on my ipad.  Here I am reading The Gifts of Imperfection.  Which I am currently finishing up an art journalling class to go along with this book.  It's been very much a reality check, and I've been liberated by doing the art journalling with the reading.  Good stuff.  
I have spent my entire life in a traffic jam on colerain ave.  This is no exaggeration.  
ran in the Jc Penneys and got the boys these shoes.  That I then took back because he didn't like them.  Said they were old man shoes.  I thought they were cool and if they had my size I would have liked the.  Also got him some of those balls that make your shoes not stink, those he kept.  He's a teenager he needs those.  
Actually went here to look at the new project life kit they had, and did not buy one.  Which is unusual for me.  Don't worry the next week I bought the cinnamon kit, since it more masculine, and I have a lot of boy scout pages to do in the next year.  
Quick shot of the boys after dinner.  
Perry and I then ran over to cincinnati mall to check out Arcade Legacy.  It's this place where you can play all sorts of video games on pretty much any gaming system.  They also have old school arcade games.  You pay by the hour or you can pay $10 and play all day.  Perry wanted to check it out for his birthday so we went and inspected the place.  We ended up going for his birthday.  Once we convinced him and Zack to play games they don't already own our hour was up.  You sort of need to have a plan when you go, I didn't want to spend $10 so I kept them focused to get as much game playing in for 1 hour.  If we go back we'll have a better plan.  
On our way home we paid our first visit to Flubs.  I got a peanut butter sundae with crunch delicious!
So my life is not all that exciting.  But this is a typical day off for me.  This was a friday, so we probably had pizza for dinner.  And I probably stayed up till 2am.....this is a typical friday for me, when I am off.  See last year for a typical Friday when I work.  

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