Monday, October 20, 2008

No Seriously, I'm not playin' God is Awesome!!!

Ok so I've been praying everyday for God to not allow anything to steal the joy I feel from my after prom buzz. So maybe if I just keep posting stuff about it until the next time we get to do it again, I will never ever lose that joy.

Seriously people, my junior prom, the one where I got fixed up with some hoodlum that was friends with my neighbors, and God forbid I go to prom without a date. Dude drank beer (gasp, I was a good christian girl for real people) in the car all the way there, didn't even offer me any.....such the gentleman! Yeah this prom, a bajillion times better. Then there was my senior prom, and the boy I had a major crush on, although we were just friends, asked me to prom, "if we both weren't attached at the time." Then he got attached to a girl he knew he'd get a booty call from.....cause it wasn't going to be me. Then another one of my guy friends said he'd go with me and we'd have a blast, yeah that boy decided he'd rather spend his money on golf clubs......I've never let him live that one down, I've even told his wife that one!!! He's not changed apparently. So I ended up going stag, and had a blast!!! But not near as much fun as I did at this Prom no way not even close!!!!

Get some tissues before you watch this one!

So big shout out to Harmony, for once again making me cry in church, lets be real folks I've been a hot mess since prom ended. Most importantly thanks to Harmony for sharing her dream and allowing us to be a part of making it a reality. That night was a night I will never forget!!!

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Heather said...

Thanks for the warning on the tissues. That was just so wonderful...really and truly touched my heart.