Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rest in Peace Sweet Poochie

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This is Kalabou. She is my BFF Layni's dog. She passed away last night. I can't even remember when they obtained Kalabou, aka Ewjew....not sure how one would spell that but that's how it sounds when we say it. I'm pretty sure they had Ewjew before they had Harold in a Hurry (again another nickname, I get it from my dad). Ok I am disguising my grief with humor. Ewjew is primarily the reason I allowed my husband to get the big doofus of a dog we call Kipper. He's an Austrailian Shepherd, Ewjew was a Austrailian Shepherd mix. She was an amazingly great dog. Kipper will be someday when he's like 10 or something.
Why is it we sometimes feel sadder about the death of a pet than we do a human being? Cause they are so dang loyal. Humans are notorious at letting you down, a dog never will. You could be falling the heck appart about some stupid crisis in your life and your dog just wants to lick your face and snuggle. Humans aren't always in the mood. Give your poochie and extra squeeze tonight. Send up some words for Ashton, Layni's teenage daughter who doesn't know yet, but will find out tomorrow.
The Sexton's will miss you Ewjew.............


Layni said...

Thanks so much for that sweet post. And for letting Ashton decompress at your place this evening. I love you guys for liking Kalabou so much. Thanks again for the super-kind words.

Melinda said...

Oh, man. I'm sorry about Layni's dog. Our dear boy, Oscar, whom I'd have 14 years passed away in May and we still miss him dearly. Adopting Henry this month, though, has helped not only us, but also our Golden, Annie. {{Hugs}} to Ashton too--it's so hard!