Monday, September 10, 2007

And so It Goes

Being able to see God work, in obvious ways this week is nothing short of amazing. So many folks have seen Gods work in my life this week I feel amazingly honored and unworthy to be called his servant. My prayer is always God you have to be obvious, cause I'm kind of dense then it comes to hearing you, and he always is!! I heard Gods voice often this week, which may seem weird to some folks but when you know that you know that you know....well you just know. One time it sounded a little something like this.

"There is much that the artist must trust. He must trust himself. He must trust his work. He must open himself to revelation, and that is an act of trust. The artist must never lose the trust of the child for the parent, not that of the father who knew only the "heights of disillusionment," but the trustworthiness of most of us flawed and fallen parents who nevertheless try to do the best we can for our children.

Jesus told us to call the Lord and Creator of us all Abba. Not only father or Sir or Lord, but Abba-Daddy- the small child's name for Father. Not Dad, the way Daddy becomes Dad when the children reach adolescence, but Daddy, the name of trust.

But how can we trust Abba who has let the world come to all the grief of the past centuries? Who has given us the terrible gift of free will with which we seem to be determined to destroy ourselves? We trust the one we call Abba as a child does, knowing what seems unreasonable now will be seen to have reason later."
~Madeleine L'Engle- Walking on Water
Sorry if that was really long or you didn't get it, but it spoke volumes to me.
I leave you with a picture of the P-man, it's actually for the lovely Mrs. Copeland...he's wearing her favorite shirt.

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Stacie said...

Still sniffy about Madeleine...

And hoping the shout out to Mrs. Copeland means all is well in Perry land?

(sorry no call, super busy night. Will get on it tomorrow after my test.)