Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Something by Mail....???

Ok so I love Jawbone of my favorite podcasts. I had no idea that Len was so talented...seriously I never investigated really I knew he was some sort of artist or illustrator, but I had no idea. And now, I do believe Perry will be watching him draw Monsters for hours. We may no have to pay for art school if Len keeps creating videos, of him drawing. We hope to get a monster during round 2.
So our first 2 Ugly dolls.....I mean Nonsensical Creatures by mail, are almost complete. My friend Heather asked me to make 2 for her girls. I was a bit leery since my artist creates when he wants to create and rarely when you ask him to. Well I asked and he delivered about 6 drawings 2 of which were specifically for the girls. So I hope after I'm done studying for this wonderful LOMA test I have to take on Tuesday, we can crank out some more that can be gimme a shout if you are in need of a nonsensical creature or a nonsensical bunny.
Oh and it's still Autism Awareness month and my friend Michelle and her son Jason were on the news in Cleveland....funny same place Len and Nora of Jawbone radio live too. Check out Michelle and Jason on the news. Do not give up, that's my motto when it comes to my kid, who is not autistic, but rather quirky, and has many of the same issues some autistic kids struggle with. He's made huge strides this year. Routine is the key. He's growing up, and I think it's time for hormones to start kicking in or something he had his second zit this week, poor kid barely even knows what it is, except dang it hurts, and OUUUUCH....why are you scubbing my face so hard.....he thought it was much cooler to have a "cars" bandaid on his chin than a huge zit....hee hee....I'd have to agree.


Heather said...

And the girls are HONORED to be the first!!

ConnieP said...

Okay, I am hurt. I wanted to purchase some Nonsensical Creatures. No fair that Heather snatched them up first!

And, I must say, Jawbone Radio is one of my favorites as well. I heard about them through the Manic Mommies and have subscribed for a while. Have you watched his Man Vs. Mild vidcasts? You might not fully appreciate them if you are not a Man Vs. Wild watcher, but they are so funny!

I am seriously interested in some of the creatures. Yeah, I got 2 girls, I need some girly ones!

Oh, and good luck on LOMA...I feel like we have talked in weeks. I somehow didn't even know you were taking that blasted thing! STUDY, woman and PASS it!!! I'll be sending up some serious memory prayers!

Stacie said...

Next time Perry creates some male looking ugliness, we'll buy 'em! :) Two, please.