Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Nothing sexier than a man who cleans.....I'm just saying. My living room is clean, a clean room, and some time to create, has put me in a better mood. Problem is, my designers on strike so making uglies is entirely up to me now....and I'm not as good at design. Look at these horrible creatures. I present to you the Ugly Scout, and Mildred. I might just keep cranking them out and sell some.....so keep your eyes peeled for something you might need in your home to scare off cock roaches.

1 comment:

ConnieP said...

Okay, I officially LOVE mildred! That bow is so cute, but of course, in an ugly kind of way!

You have a gift for the ugly, my friend! Who needs your designer? You made some ugly dolls all by yourself.

Oh, and the uglier the better, I always say!