Thursday, April 14, 2011

Migraine inspired blog post

So today is my day off.  I slept in.  Sleeping in to me is sleeping until you officially wake up on your own with no alarm.  I know I woke up at 8:30 am and felt that was way too early so went back to sleep.  I then woke up at 11 am, and I had a head-ache, which quickly developed into a migraine.  Dragged my super heavy head to the kitchen to see if some kind of food might make it feel better.  Nothing looked good.  Quickly decided I needed chicken salad.  Arby's used to have the best chicken salad.  They don't have that anymore!  So I recalled The Daily Grind  had some decent Chicken Salad, it wasn't Arby's but it would do.  So I devised a plan to get out of the PJ's and into clothes I could go out in public in.  And headed to the Daily Grind, praying they were #1 still open and #2 had chicken salad.  The place literally looks like it's going to fall down.  The awnings are completely gone now.  The drive-thru menu looks like it has to have scotch tape added on the daily to keep the menu on the drive thru.  It has wierd daily special signs taped in the window, but they were open and they had chicken salad.  I got it on a croussant, with a sweet tea.  It came with lays potato chips (for the record I hate lays because they are greasy).  All of this for 4.75, that's super cheap!  I cautiously ate in, in hopes that I would not barf.  This is what happens when you have a migrain, you barf.  Did not barf, and within 15 minute migrain had subsided and I had energy to write a blog.  Tada!  I also had taken tylenol 30 minutes before.  So I am sure those who do not have migrains, are wondering......."what's the difference between a head-ache and a Migraine???  Migraines suck first of all. Click on the link for a medical discription.  My discription would be it feels as though someone wacked you in the head with a hatchet and is now pulling your head into 2 pieces.  Light makes it worse, noise seems to be piercingly loud, and any movement makes you sick to your stomach.  So the good news is the chicken salad, tylenol, sweet tea combination did the trick.  I have now written a blog entirely about a migrain headache.  Here is a picture of Perry at the Cincinnati Art Museum on Saturday.  You can kind of see how much he's growing up, but in this photo is more subtle which I like.  Love this picture!
Please stop Growing!

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I love your def of migraine!