Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011

We had a fabulous Easter Sunday.  It was great to not have to work.  After being sick for like 3 days, I am still recovering, but I had a great day anyways.  Oddly there are no photo's of me from this year.  Which is totally fine since I need my hair cut!  Went to a Sonrise service in Middletown with my friend Kristi, it was definately something different than what I am used to, it was a cool service.  Then we went to church as a family at our home church, VCC.  We prepared ourselves for it to be crazy crowded at the 10:30 service, it really wasn't at all.  It was pretty cool, they did baptisms during all the celebrations, and even offered for folks who may have made a decision to follow Jesus right then to get baptised, very cool. 

After Church we went spent time with Family at Larry and Jodi's for Easter Brunch.  I prepared eggs for the egg hunt.  Once again I neglected to count the eggs, so Larry may find eggs for the weeks to come.  It was fun to watch all the kids hunt eggs.  Ecspecially Keaton as she experienced her first egg hunt, she was quite the pro.  It was really nice of Mother Nature to stop the rain long enough for us to hunt eggs and get home and then it started raining again. 

1. Keaton's First Egg Hunt, 2. Easter Sunday- Age 13, 3. Maddie Empty's her Eggs, 4. Perry, Maddie and Bailey

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter.  Heres to a great Spring and a crazy busy summer!

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