Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is coming.....

I made an observation this week. The world of retail begins the holiday season so early when it comes to Christmas week, most people are actually sick of Christmas. I know I am. I mean seriously is it too much to ask to respect the turkey and the pilgrams and just wait? At work we did all of our Christmas festivities a week before Christmas week. So cookie baking happened then, and I made sure all my cards were done before then. Our annual Christmas party was this weekend, so...... now it's the week of Christmas and I feel like it's already happened. The anticipation isn't all that exciting. Although I am hopeful for an amazingly surprised 12 year old when he opens his Wii on Christmas morning. We spent so much on the Wii and all the stuff we need to go with it that Ron and I won't be giving each other much.
I did have an element of a little less stress when I chose not to make my Christmas cards. Other than the few I made for work, my cards were bought cards for the first time in 10 years. Instead I chose to simplify Christmas, and buy these cards.
So they went postal on Friday. Most everyone got the larger cards that I bought but some got a card with a picture Perry made just for my card. For those of you who didn't get that card here ya go.
And those of you who got this card you didn't get the picture of the fam, because it wouldn't fit. So I'll post it here so no one feels left out.

It's hard to keep everyone happy honestly. We also did our annual Santa picture with Grandpa and the Grandkids. Always a good time for all. Funny thing is we've gone to the Cincinnati Mills/Cincinnati Mall/Forest Fair Mall/Money Pit Santa for years. He used to always have a real beard and not look fake at all. Well they hired a homeless skinny guy this year, and oddly enough no one wanted to sit on that Santa's lap. I wasn't really down with sending my kid to him he completely creeped me out. So off to Bass pro's free Santa picture we went. Waited in line for 20 minutes and got our picture taken for free. As my dad eagerly aproached the Jolly fat fellow to get in the picture with the kids, my brother and I slowly turned our back and pretended such craziness is natural. We are sure his days are numbered as far as the kids will eventually not want to carry on t his tradition so we humor him. So all I have left to is wrap, a lot of presents, and have Christmas already. I love Christmas I really do I just wish it didn't start so early, I think I'd love it even more. God Bless everyone, and have a great Christmas!

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Heather said...

I love that it starts so early! (Heck! I'll start my CHristmas shopping next month!!!)

Hope your Christmas was the best and your new year is even better than that!