Friday, October 09, 2009

Socks.....and other Nonsense I might come up with at 1:45 am

So I had an epiphany while putting clothes in the dryer, and seeing the mountain of socks on top of my dryer. Socks should magically find their mates while spinning around in the dryer. There I said it. I mean really how many countless hours are spent matching.....(or not)....up socks? In my line of work people rarely see my socks, so if I am too lazy to find the mate sometimes I will find something that's close. Surely I am not the only one in the whole world who does this.

Those right there are my favorite socks, with my favorite shoes. One of the socks is missing, but I have a red, white a blue striped one that came in the same pack so essentially it's the same sock just diff colors. Yep I've worn them together. Oh let it out people it's not a big deal, no one cares really. And if you've always wanted to do this and have not, I'm now giving you permission. Make it happen, you'll feel liberated. So while we are on the topic of socks according to Walmart only grown ass men have a need for warm wool socks. True story. Now granted I am not a fan of going to walmart, and if I could afford it I'd avoid it like the plague, but lets be real folks, most of us are BROKE these days and we can't afford to buy that crap anywhere else but walmart. So I was on a quest to purchase some either super warm or wool socks at the Mart of Wals, for the boy and I, along with other essentials needed for camping with the boy scouts in the cold wet climate, of which we are experiencing right now. None could be found for dainty lady feet like mine, and none for little boy feet either, oh but if you are a manly man, and entire section is devoted to warm wool socks. And apparently there aren't any wee little men in the world with wee little feet, they all must have size 9 or larger. UGH.....So I will have to venture out on my day off tomorrow to score warm socks....because Lord knows my strippedy, mismatched socks would not be cold ass camping worthy! My first camping adventure with the Boy Scouts and I choose a wet cold weekend. Cub Scouts don't camp when it's cold. Boy Scouts camp no matter what the climate.....I've hit the big time, pray I don't freeze to death. So to see some of the sites I saw during my late night adventure just go HEAR and pretend it's Hamilton, OH.....or should I say "The Township", don't get all offended Hamilton know I love you all and you are an exception to the rule, most of you anyways!

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supermomdoesn'texist said...

Thank you. I do feel liberated about the sock thing. Am I also not the only cheap person around who can't be bothered to buy a bunch of new socks each season? Yeah, I keep wearing the (almost) matching ones, too.