Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Secret...

It's really not a big deal. I was just told by someone who appeared to have a bit of authority, "please don't tell anyone." So I kept it on the "DL" till now. So Chipotle in Fairfields official grand opening isn't until friday. I saw people there eating at lunch time. So I assumed they were open, and the big celebration is on friday. So I made my plans for dinner before leaving work. Went at dinnertime. Walked in like I owned the place (trust me I'll be partial owner in no time) and was stopped by an official looking burrito dude. He asked "do you have an ivitation?". To which I said "no", so he whispered over to an official looking burrito lady....while I stand there looking like a goon. She then said "go ahead, but don't tell anyone since it's free tonight...". DO WHAT? Oh I've had my fair share of free love from them before, lost wallet, tax day, mothers day ect....but not a whole meal. Apparently you could feed the whole fam fo free since the dude in front of me did. I didn't want to be greedy so I just got my burrito and the drink. Considering I didn't get officially invited. So I got the fam's food at the other one that was only like 7 miles up the road. So there's my secret. Was it worth the wait?
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Jen said...

Awesome, Jodi! I had an experience like that, but I cannot tell you where as I am still bound to secrecy.