Friday, February 13, 2009


I am a guest blogger over at my friend Michelle's Blog today. She is celebrating life for the whole month of February. So she gave me a word...and the word is GIRLFRIEND. Which has always been a bizzarre word to me. I can remember as a teenager my mother referring to her friends as her girlfriends, which I thought was rather wierd, so I've never liked the word and I rarely would use it. Even when I became a girlfriend, I would never refer to myself as a girlfriend, I was "his squeeze" and he was "my squeeze".......ha, now writing it down or saying it outloud, that's kind of funny. I really wanted to write something more meaningful for Michelles blog, but what you see above is what I came up with on my own.....lame I know so thank God for the author below in the video, her elegant essay about "Girlfriends" is far more meaningful than what I could ever write when referring to my girlfriends. I mean every word of what she's about to say! I could say the same thing about my friends, but she puts the words so much better than I.

Much love to all my peeps......(see I still can't use the word girlfriend)
My milestone birthday is coming up, in March I will be 40 prepare to celebrate the whole month!

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Michelle said...

Thank you my friend!!!