Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Motivation at an all time Low!

Death and grieving must just do it to you. A dear friend of my mothers passed away on friday. It was her sister in law. The second to die in the past year. I've known her my whole life from church, but wasn't ever that close to her. I feel it's one of those things that was taken for granted. Growing up at Lindenwald United Methodist, she was one of those people who was just always there. I thought of my best friend on Sunday, and how hard it was to go to church that particular sunday with no Lenora.
My best friend moved down the street from Lenora 2 years ago. Ashton her 11 year old daughter formed a relationship with Lenora. She would visit her and keep her company pretty much everyday. Lenora shared stories with her, the kind that her grandkids and children probably heard a million times. But with Ashton she had fresh ears. Ashton leaned on her every word. And to Ashton Lenora knew everything. Tomorrow is the funeral and I am taking Ashton. It'll be hard to hear everyones memories about Lenora. I am glad Ashton got the oppurtunity to develope this special relationship. It then doesn't seem that we missed out, since we will get to see Lenora through Ashton's eyes. Once I figure out how to post a picture I'll do a proper memorial post.

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