Friday, February 19, 2016

Did you say Donut Trail?

Well I did it.  Mission accomplished.  When I first saw the title Donut Trail, I thought there was going to be hiking involved, alas there is not, I mean there could be, and generally should be, but that would be a loooong hike.
Butler County Donut Trail was a lot of fun.  It could probably be done in one day, but You'd have to get up super early, possibly even like 1 am, as often these places close by noon or before if they run out of donuts.

The first day I started was a friday, and Ron just so happened to be off.  He was not happy about driving all over the county in search of donuts he had not intentions of eating......see Whole 30 ever since then he refuses to eat donuts.  Something about sweet addiction....blah blah blah.  I informed him I'd go alone and he wasn't getting any, then I got kind of whiney about driving all the way to oxford alone.....Guess he felt sorry for me so off we went.
So we did oxford, ross and hamilton on the first run with a super grumpy husband.  A week later on the Saturday, and drug a reluctant teenager to Middletown, Trenton, and Fairfield.  He was all kinds of happy to get donuts, but not too happy about the driving all over the place for them.  

Driving from Middletown to Trenton is a really nice scenic drive with really cool old homes.  My review is that out of all the donut places we went to Milton's Donuts in middletown by far was the best.  It was a saturday morning and that place was hopping.  We got 4 donuts and they were so tasty. I am a huge fan of Holtmans, and thought there was no way I'd ever find a donut better than Holtmans, Miltons Red Velvet was very very good and better than holtmans......gasp.....

Milton's donuts were instantly devoured.  We barely breathed in between bites.  

Jupiters Donuts used to be Bee' has good Cherry cake donuts.  

Donut Spot is our go to donut place pretty much my whole life.  When Ron used to eat donuts he'd surprise use on the weekend and we'd wake up to fresh donuts from here.  Now we wake up to a plate full of goetta and sometimes pancakes.

I tried to go to Stan's on a thursday around 10am.....well they had already run out of donuts.  It was the last one I needed, and had to wait one more day to complete this project.  So if you go on a weekday get up early.

I've done ALOT of things for a t-shirt my whole life, this is the first time a travelled all over to get donuts for a t-shirt.  You don't actually have to get donuts, you really just have to walk in to find out the super secret word for each place.

After this dozen (got a dozen to celebrate the last donut place) I'm laying off donuts for a good while. Lets hope Perry eats most of these.....because Diabetes people, and sugar is bad for you, but apparently not for a growing 18 year old boy.  

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