Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dear God I'm Nearly 50!

So today I turned 46.  Ouch.  45 didn't suck nearly as much as 46.  Here's how the day went.  I was scheduled a Midshift at work.  In retail it's the most hated shift, only because it's your whole day.  It's my own fault, I didn't request off, or something different, primarily because I had other days I requested for, to do my celebrating.  At the risk of being late to work, thought I'd roll through Starbucks for my free birthday drink.....turns out 10 other people had the same skipped that, and arrived to work on time.  While at work........well I work in customer service, in's a gift really.  I am usually very good with angry people face to face, and I am usually able to talk them off the ledge, and rarely get rattled.  Apparently someone forgot to inform the first person I encountered this morning that it was my birthday, as he did not seem to care, aaaaaand kind of used some colorful language. 

I did get my name on the board at work, but it was under anniversaries/birthdays so everyone kept telling me happy which case I've been working here for 46 years.....which means GOOD LORD CAN I RETIRE.  

Thankfully I made peanut butter cookies last night specifically for my birthday, since no one in my house except me knows how to bake.  Took cookies to work to share with the people who love me, turns out they also love my cookies. 

My mother did call me on my birthday, but forgot to say happy birthday until I reminded her, as she was preoccupied with finding out where I got the head massager I got her for Christmas.  No worries she did make up for it and picked me up after work and we had dinner at Aladdin one of my favorite places to eat. 

Baby Chubs sent me a video on Facebook, and said bye bye, and my kid drew me a picture on Facebook.  So it did not completely suck, and according to Pitbull and The Godfather, "everyday above ground is a great day." Next year.......I'm not working!

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