Monday, January 21, 2013

Whole 30, 1 Week in......WHO FARTED?

We made it through 7 days of clean eating and did not die. Today was the first day I didn't feel like I was fasting or being deprived of food. I was never hungry like you would feel on a diet. Just craved things we can't have. The only time I've felt hungry is when I waited to long in between meals. Today was a good day. It was sunday, and I was off. Which rarely happens. We had all kinds of family time church, shopping, and then home. Plus we ate at a resturant for the first time in 7 days. Which is a miracle. Not a whole lot of safe food out there in the world. After some research we found we can have chipotle. Very restricted chipotle, but it was good, and satisfying and for the first time ever, after eating at chipotle I didn't feel like a giant brick was in my stomach 20 minutes after eating. 

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We are heading into week 2. Our fridge is stocked with all fresh food, we know to plan ahead.  So now we shall see what week 2 shall bring.  Funny thing while at chipotle, I was thinking as I was eating my clean chipotle......dude I totally have not farted in 7 days, why is that?  People who are close to me....I mean like really close, those I would fart in front of.  It's a small group I promise, know's not like they don't do it too, it happens people.  Lets just say they would be in shock.  I never claimed to be much of a lady.  Geez....I did actually end up farting once this evening, but it was the first time in 7 days I swear.  And I haven't since.  Also funny, while discussing this with the man I kept saying the word "fart" and he was like....."it's such a nasty word...." wait what?  Good grief, it's not like I said the word POOP!!!!  We'll discuss that next week......that's another interesting topic.......HA HA HA HA HA......NOT....some things are way too personal. 

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