Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I've been in desperate need to blog lately, but really have had no words.  In the past month I've had 6 different deaths that people close to me have been dealing with.  Crazy....there was another I learned of today, and decided, that's enough I'm stopping at 6, and I'm going to now stop counting.  The month isn't over.  Wondering has it always been like this and I just haven't noticed? 

No crazy kid stories to tell.  He did have to start putting on deoderant everyday last week.  He came home from school, and gave me a hug, and I was like "WHOA, DUDE......!"  You can not be that kid!  So I show'd him where his deoderant was, informed the man that, that simple hygene procedure would need to be put into their morning routine stat! 

I ventured to Cbus for my birthday and Abby made my favorite cake.  We had a nice time hanging out!
This is probably the lamest blog post I've posted in a long time, but I posted which is a giant miracle. 

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