Thursday, August 06, 2009

Retail Hell.....

Hey it could be worse it could be Life Insurance hell which we all know that is a 10 times worse hell, where you are left to rot in a cube, while you enter data into a computer like a trained monkey. I served my time yo. Now I get to be entertained by the mass's of hilarious retail consumers who love all things swedish, and like to bitch about lousy service. Have I mentioned lately I LOVE MY JOB? I am not even being sarcastic.

So I was summons to returns today. (it happens way more often than I would like I roll with it and rarely complain, we're all hurting) and a super tall lady had apparently been waiting 35 minutes or so when she got to me. She was super tall and had about a pound of botox in her lips. I am sure of it, is botox even measured in pounds? She had sunglass on that each lense was the size of a big screen TV, I am not kidding about this you can check the video. And she says to be with her large lips and her large sunglass's...."I don't understand how the rest of the store can be so fabulous and your returns system be so awful...." She said this to me in somekind of movie star I'm from Hollywood voice. Well her return took all of 5 minutes, and she was on her merry way. Maybe she'll think twice about buying shit she don't need!

Yesterday is the best story of all. I was late getting in yesterday since I had to go to the doctor for a stupid side pain I've had for a week. (back to that in a minute) So no one in my department was in all morning as I was schedule alone for the whole day.....(awesome, it happens with few people) So a women had a fridge delivered that morning, she was a 78 year old women. She freaked the heck out on the poor delivery dude because it opened on the wrong side so it was obvious it was the wrong she called and left message after message when I wasn't there. She talked to every manager she could get transferred to. So when I get in I am bombarded by.....messages from all sides about this crazy women. Um hello people fridge doors are interchangable, it's a feature known to mankind about american fridges....geez....I was fortunate enough to avoid the crazy women, as she was irrational and cussing folks out left and right. Her daughter called me who was very pleasant and apparently afraid of her mother so she lives far far away, so is able to help defuse the situation from affar. Good daughter. The other part of the story was she asked the delivery dude to move her old fridge which they are permitted to do just not haul away since that's an extra charge. So Mr. Delivery guy requests a tip (big no no), she offers $ which he apparently was offended, because if you are going to ask for a'll need to be more, so he requests $20? (oh Lord) Obviously delivery dude was called out on this and deny's it happened......So there is a happy ending sort of......her fridge was redelivered, after she cussed out the delivery dude again when he called to let her know he'd be there in 30 min. Dispatch told the driver to proceed with caution....LOL....her daughter is hiring a assembly guy to switch how the door opens. Hours of my life spent for one happy's what they pay me for!

Oh the doctors visit....pulled muscle....(just above my rib cage, no idea how that happened) I HATE GOING TO THE DOCTOR.....I could have diagnosed that myself, which I think I did. It's the medication part I forgot to do. Took some alleve a few times yesterday, and a muscle relaxer provided by my visit to the doctor. And today little to no pain. So no reason to be alarmed I am all better.

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Jen said...

Hey Jodi, sorry about your pulled muscle.
The lady with Botox in her lips reminds me of the scary story about a lady who knocks on the door when a little girl is home alone and says, "Do you vant to see vat I can do vis my long, long, fingernails and my red, red lips?" And the third time this happens, the little girl says, "Oh, all right," and the lady takes her fingernails and goes b-b-b-b-b on her lips.