Monday, April 06, 2009

Check me getting my blog on.......

So the man asked me, "are you ever going to blog again?" What the heck for when theres facebook? So here I am blogging....not sure about what. The economy? No thats boring, lame and what's there to say.....I'm sure ya'll are broke and so am I, so what's new? Bout to sell some shit at a yard sale so I won't be as broke, and maybe I can buy some new stuff to make life much happier.

So now even the old folks are jumping on Facebook. No kidding the whole freakin world is on facebook. If you ain't on facebook, you need to get it, or you'll be completely out of touch fo sho! (Oh my Lord, the nonsense has trickled onto the blog, sorry I'm leaving fo sho, gives it character or something) You don't even have to say nothing, just get your info on there so you can keep up with folks you ain't seen in 20 years. Oddly enough didn't realize I missed them until the show'd up on FB.

Just finished up 6 LONG weeks of doing 2 simultaneous bible studys. Good grief what was I thinking? I did Beth Moores Esther, that one was 10 weeks, then 4 weeks into that I started reset, and was part of a small group with that. The small group will continue next week, but Beth Moore is DONE....thank you Jesus! One of the best Beth Moore studies I've done, but holy cow, she makes you think and theres homework, and it's TIME CONSUMING. I am much holier now I'm sure. So my time has been my own since I've been done with scouts. Haven't given up my volunteer hours as of yet. I plan on going to committee meetings with Perry's new troop, but that is the extent of my involvement with scouts so far with the troop. So if you want me to volunteer for something you'll need to get me before I go and overcommit myself, it's really only a matter of time!

Perry and I will be in an Art show on good friday. It's from 7-9 on good friday. Give me a shout if you want details. Should be super cool with cool stuff.

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Heather said...

post pics of the art show!! What fun!