Thursday, January 22, 2009

Such Fond Memories...I hope to never forget!

I wish I had pictures for this post. I do have pictures but my PC is so slow scanning them and uploading them would be a nightmare. So you'll just have to picture it. I went to a funeral today of a friend of the family. I never knew this women as an adult. I'd see her at church almost every sunday for years and years. She was a friend of the family from my old neighborhood, where I lived until I was 8 years old. The old neighborhood was Brampton Drive.....whenever I even think of he name of the street it stirs up amazing memories, of families that hung out together all the time. Where we kids played outside constantly. We played kickball in the street all the time and no one ever got ran over.

Memories of my friend Mark and I playing with ants in a puddle, yes that was in the street too. I remember playing in Marks backyard at the top of the hill and jumping the fence to Tony's house. Or Tony jumping the fence to go to Marks. I remember Tony once tricked me into trading a canadian dollar I had from my trip to Niagra Falls for a bag of pretzels. Ha....crazy stuff I remember. I remember never wanting to play in Tracy's back yard cause she had too much dog poop and I'd always step in it. I remember mom's screaming out the door when it was time to come home. One particular mom who had 8 kids she'd scream and yell trying to get them to come home and she'd always say cuss words. Those were the Kidd Kids, and they were bad, one of them once gave me 2 black eyes, I'm pretty sure my dad almost killed him....his name was Roy, their mom's name was Ruby, and my mom would always threaten that if I was bad, I'd have to go live with Ruby. Heck she had so many kids she probably wouldn't even notice.
It was a nice funeral today, Judy's daughter Amy called it a life celebration, quite fitting. It stirred up a time and a place from over 30 years ago, saddly it seems life can never be like that again, the world is such a different place. Pray for the Uhl family they lost their mom.....I'm sure she's looking down on them from heaven.

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Teresa said...

You just brought back a ton of memories. Those were the days when the parents in the neighborhood disciplined you if they saw you do something wrong and then they would still tell your parents. The neighborhood kids were like your siblings. All the nights of playing "ghost in the grave yard", "flashlight tag", "dodgeball", "kickball", you name it, the whole street was the field.