Thursday, June 20, 2019

Operation Cisco Rescue

I am aware I have not blogged in 2 years.  That is a good long time and I'm certain no one noticed.
The epic adventure I had over the past 4 days is definitely blog worthy to say the least.   In the event you may have been living under a rock the last 4 days, Cisco broke the internet..........
Let me start by being honest and say I wouldn't describe myself as a dog person.  My friends who have known me a long time would say the same.  I don't dislike dogs, I'm just indifferent.  I've even had a dog or dogs my whole life.  Until, Cisco.........

History of Cisco:
Even though I claim to not be a dog person, I follow Hart on Facebook.  They did a courtesy post for a Chihuahua rescue in NKY, and it was Cisco.  
I had never seen a dog this cute.  I somehow made a crazy connection.  We contacted the foster mom, and went and checked out Cisco.  He was a year old and Joyce had rescued him from a Hoarding situation.  All she knew was there was a lot of dogs, many of them inbred.  The husband would sneak them over the fence to the rescuers.  They were left outside, and the woman would just throw food out a window.  This was all we knew, but it appeared Cisco may had been abused, Joyce stated he didn't like men.  She brought him to our house, he met Kipper, we checked out and we were new owners of this precious little Chiweenie.  
our first meeting
It took him over a year to warm up to Ron.  He still won't go to him unless I am in the room.  He generally likes Ron best when he's asleep.  Everynight he gets in the bed and goes right up to Ron's face and sniffs him.  He will only playfully lick his hand and run away.  He will let him pet him only in bed at night if I am there.  He's a little warmer with Perry, he'll go to Perry if I am in the room, and he'll let Perry love on him, but only if I'm around.  If either of them break routines in the morning he barks at them.  He growls at Ron when he comes in the room, and I'm there.  If I am not at home he does not bark at either of them.  He's definately a good protector.  It's not my favorite when he's protecting me at 5 am, and I'm asleep.  
When we first got him we had a few breeches in our fence we discovered but I was always right there and Cisco would stop and just lay down if he got out.  All breeches were fixed immediately and we've never had an issue of him getting out.  Until Friday 6/14/19.
I left around 7:30pm to watch a softball game, the boys stayed home.  I honestly don't remember if the dogs were in or out when I left.  I got home pretty late 12:30 am, usually when I get home Cisco is at the door very happy to see me jumping on me, and basically dancing.  But not this night, I assumed he must be outside with Kipper our other dog.  So I went to let them in but Kipper was already in, and called for Cisco no Cisco.  Chaos ensued.  Ron (my husband) was asleep, but not for long.  We called for him for a few blocks with no luck.  The boys went looking the next  morning, with no luck.  I started posting messages on social media 1 am Saturday morning.  I paid a visit to Animal Friends Human Society.................
This was one of the worse thing I've ever put myself through. If you are searching for a dog that has recently gone missing.  They parade you through several rooms of sad lost dogs.  By room 2 I was in tears, after room three I ran out crying.  I wanted to just show them a picture, but they said I had to look, why torture me.  
I received so much outpouring of help immediately, from friends, family coworkers and so so so many strangers.  Suggestions as to where to post, and who to contact.  A huge part of me wanted to just get on with my life, but my heart wasn't ready to give up. Just when I'd start to give up there'd be a new sighting.  So I'd go and call and nothing.  All these strangers were seeing him and I'd go and see nothing. I made flyers and had them laminated.  
Saturdays sighting was close to home so I drove those streets at least 12 times.  I had the weekend off which is very unusual.  It was completely consumed with searching for this dog.  The interest, and search began to take on a life of it's own as people began sharing his story and his sightings.  People all the way to California were praying for his safe return.  I was going to try and go to church Sunday but then there was a new sighting, so then couldn't had to go drive those streets.  Keep in mind, Saturday we had a major storm and tornado's had touched down close by.  In my mind someone had him in their home and he wasn't out in the storm.  Sunday came (with another storm) and went and still no Cisco, but there were continued sightings each day.  Monday I had to work late, so I spent the morning following up on leads, which were very far from home and near a giant lake, and a park known to have coyote's.....I was getting very defeated, and was at this point a shell of a human.  The stress and lack of sleep, and keeping up with all the sighting and the inquirys, everyone wanted to know, so I felt obligated to keep everyone posted, the world helped me not give up.  While I was at work, my husband and son were following up on new leads 6 miles from home, figuring there's no way he had been seen this far away.  It started to rain and they gave up and came home.  
Then while I was at work, trying to serve the public and act like I wasn't worried about my dog, a stranger calls from facebook....weird.   They had a Cisco sighting and her husband was chasing him.  I instantly call my husband who had just got done searching for 4 hours.  So he ran to Waterworks Park, to try and capture him.  The stranger named Kevin chased him down the bike path for a good mile, while Ron and Perry tried to come from the other direction to box him in.  Perry and Ron never saw him or Kevin, and Kevin lost Cisco into the woods near the water treatment plant.  Once I updated all of social media.  Many people who I know, and who I didn't know went to that spot to search for Cisco.  Perry and Ron surrendered once it started raining.  Many searched that area until it got dark and some went after dark.  I couldn't leave work unfortunately, occupational hazards of being in charge.  But EVERYONE at IKEA was also worried, some were searching.  I rushed through closing the store.  Stopped at White Castles got 2 super smelly cheese burgers, picked up Ron and Headed to waterworks park.  Ron took me to the place Kevin described where he lost him.  I saw a beautiful deer, lots of fireflys, but no Cisco.  I was calling him as we walked the bike path, and praying, I never stopped praying.  I kept stopping and being quiet and l listening........and then, Ron said, "Jo turn around what's that....." I turn around and right at the opening where the lights were shining, (and the infinity flame) from the treatment plant this little white pup is running slowly towards me and I pick him up, and he just clings to me, and nuzzles his little dirty head in my neck.  He's wet, smelly and muddy, but not hurt.  He was shivering and whimpering not because he was in pain but because of relief.  Also why is there an infinity flame???
Snapchat photo sent out to my work family.  
When we got to the car, I fed him the 2 white castles.  He scarfed them right down.  Many think this must be his favorite food.  NO!  Good heavens he'd for sure funk up my house.  That was his first and his last.  He definitely had white castle farts the next day.  
This blog post is brought to you by White Castles, Bargains and Buyouts and IKEA
I couldn't possibly name everyone who helped out to thank.  So many people prayed who probably don't ever pray.  So now they can see the power of prayer, and how this tiny creature can bring a community together.  We need each other.  A generous friend has donated a nice Gift Certificate as a reward to Bargains and Buyouts in Green Hills.  Kevin the kind stranger who chased him for over a mile asked me to donate it to someone in need.  I've decided to do a drawing from all the people who helped.  So if you helped, you can leave a comment here, on Facebook or instagram.  I will do the drawing on Friday at 12:30 (basically Saturday morning) which is one week from when I noticed he was missing.  

Also proof I have another dog. 

Please see #dailycisco on Instagram for more photos of this amazing pooch.  

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